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  • South Jackson Elementary School7

    Athens, GA | Jackson County

    September 5, 2013

    We are the most grateful parents of a 1st grader who needs special education resources. They are wonderful, knowledgable, patient, and understanding. The best thing is that our child is learning so much and is always so happy to go to school. He is in a great environment and we are thankful for that!

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    August 4, 2013

    The teachers are dedicated beyond duty and have proven their worth with the students passing courses and the Georgia mandated test's.

    November 9, 2010

    This school is a joke! Children run wild in the classrooms and the teachers have very little control. Due to NCLB above average students are ignored in order to try to reach state standards with those who really should be left behind. And when you tty to get extra effort out of the teachers to help your child reach their full potential, the teachers then retaliate against the children. For example, one child urinated on the feet of several classmates while sitting on the classroom. The students who "tattled" were punished for telling on him. Run from this school!

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    September 22, 2010

    I have no idea what the previous reviewer is talking about. The school has always been clean and smelled fine with the exception of one year when there was a sewerage problem (embarrassing for anyone!) which was promptly fixed within a short amount of time. This school has been very good for my children, with few exceptions. The classes are small, the teachers are attentive, and in the case of my youngest child, who had a VERY rough first few weeks of kindergarten, they were willing to work with me step by step to see him through the tough transition. This is a great little country school and even when we were given the chance to move to Jefferson City School, we turned it down as my children enjoy/have benefited from South Jackson so much. My children have never experienced any administration encouraged sharing of food as mentioned in the otherit

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    June 20, 2009

    My daughter has had a wonderful experience at SJES. The teachers care about her and her classmates. She receives individual attention and exceeded on all areas of the CRCT. I can't wait for my son to start there in the fall.

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    May 23, 2009

    Wow! I am So impressed!!!! My children just started school here last month. All I can say is this school is a world of differance compared to the school they attended in the past! The kids fit right in with very little, actually no transition problems! The teachers were great at helping the kids feel comfortable, and fit right in. Can't wait to have many more years here!

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    August 13, 2008

    SJES is a great scool. It was great pleasure to have met such a wonderful staff & group of teachers. They do make the childern top priorty. I could not have asked for more. Tammy Shekey

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    July 29, 2007

    My child had a great year! Her teacher was organized and dispersed fun and discipline in equal doses. My daughter looked forward to school every day! It was a big move for us and we couldn't have been more pleased. The lunch room music technique is an ingenius way to get kids to co-operate. The entire staff seem truly interested in making it a great experience for our kids.

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    April 19, 2007

    I attended SJES as a child. I now have two children attending. I could not be more pleased. The faculty and staff are great. My kids love their teachers. What they have learned in the short amount of time they have been in school is great.

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    November 19, 2004

    I Think the children are the number one priorty at South Jackson. All the teachers, staff members take extra time with the students and make them feel special. The after school program is one of the best in the county. The students don't want to leave when it is time to go home. They have great staff to help with student homework. This helps working parents alot.

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    November 16, 2004

    I have been involved as a parent at SJES for about 6 years. My two children have benefited greatly. My youngest child is still at SJES. Over the years I spent a lot of time communicating with the hardworking teachers here. I have dealt with some of the Special Resource Teachers who have always shown great care and concern for my children and made sure that they recieved the direction that was needed. All of the staff at SJES give of themselves for these students. The principal has knowledge of all the children and shows great interest in their needs. I think this school has been and continues to be the best experience in learning for my children. If more parents would take an active part in their child's education and work with these teachers, they would see the growth and desire to learn in their children like I have.

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